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Blurbs Sell Books

Jun 27, 2019

--Blurb #1:

Author: Andy Peloquin

Title: Trial of Stone: An Epic Fantasy Adventure (Heirs of Destiny Book 1)

A kingdom of death. A war for power and profit. Young heroes caught in the crossfire.


Kodyn expected hardships along his journey to return a kidnapped girl to her father.  Yet harsh deserts and cutthroat...

Jun 20, 2019


Author: Audrey Rich

Title: Masquerading Our Love (A Stonehaven High Series Book 1)

Defy my heart or my parents?

Junior year is tough.

A new high school, trying to fit in, schoolwork, family commitments.

It feels like it's too much.

I want a break, an adventure.

When Christopher Cooper saves me from a riptide, I...

Jun 13, 2019

--Blurb #1:

Author: Steve N. Lee

Title: Blood Justice (Angel of Darkness Thriller, Noir & Hardboiled Crime Fiction Book 3)

When killing is so wrong, how can murder be so right?

★★★★★ “Kick-ass non-stop action and intrigue will keep you reading when you should be somewhere else.” Dave

In the dead of night,...

Jun 6, 2019

--Blurb #1:

Author: L.C. Mawson

Title: Hunt (Freya Snow Book 1)

Checklist for your first day at a new high school: headphones; the darkest eyeliner you can find; and plenty of protection runes to keep demons at bay.

Freya Snow isn’t here to make friends. She also isn’t here to fight demons, but some things you...