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Blurbs Sell Books

Jul 25, 2019

Today on the show, Jim and Abigail tackle author-submitted blurbs to rip them to shreds and build them back up, one line at a time. Here are this episode’s read-along selections:

--Blurb #1:

Author: J.R. Thorn

Title: Fortune Academy: Year One

Welcome to Fortune Academy, a school where supernaturals can feel at...

Jul 18, 2019

--Blurb #1:

Author: Dennis C Stevenson Jr

Title: Study the Bible: Six Easy Steps

We know we should study God's Word. But it can be difficult get started. Even then, lack of clarity and frustrating experiences often derail our efforts to engage Scripture. How can we confidently pursue spiritual growth when we read the...

Jul 11, 2019

--Blurb #1:

Author: A.J. Flowers

Title: Soul Bound (Dweller Saga Book 1)

The gods are dying. Thane has served his goddess for thousands of lifetimes, but even he knows that time is running out. There's only one way to save her, to save all of Dweller kind, and it's a suicide mission.

The host is a boy named Jakob. His...

Jul 4, 2019

--Blurb #1:

Author: Dan Friedman

Title: Don't Dare to Dream: A Gripping Thriller

A successful million-dollar startup is David Pascal's dream. But some people would kill to get a piece of it. 

David didn't want much: a successful startup, a wife, and a family. But a series of bad encounters, partnerships, and a...