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Blurbs Sell Books

Oct 31, 2019

Today on the show, Jim and Abigail tackle author-submitted blurbs to rip them to shreds and build them back up, one line at a time. Here are this episode’s read-along selections:


Author: Adriana Licio

Title: Murder on the Road


Can murder be a remedy for a broken heart?

Returning to her beautiful hometown in Italy following the collapse of her engagement, feisty travel writer Giò hopes to mend her broken heart surrounded by her loving family. Instead, she finds herself number-one suspect in the investigation into a brutal murder.

Anxious to clear her name, Giò embarks on her own investigation, eavesdropping on the gossip in her sister’s perfumery and the cafés of Maratea as she pieces together the evidence. But something about the case isn’t adding up. Could the carabinieri be mistaken? Or is Giò allowing her attraction to a fellow suspect to distract her?

Wanting to distance herself from danger, Giò keeps her feelings in check. But when a witness shares evidence that turns the whole case on its head, danger is exactly what is waiting for her.

Murder on the Road is the first book in an Italian Village Mystery series. If you love small villages, are curious about Italian lifestyle, but don’t mind a good murder between a thrill and a laugh, buy this page-turner cozy mystery now.



Author: Eleanor Merry

Title: Dead Aware: A Zombie Journey: (Dead Aware Book 1)

What if zombies are really just looking for acceptance? A post-apocalyptic story based in Canada, written from an undead point of view.


--Abigail's Targeted Tip:


Book descriptions and ads should always convey a clear sense of your book’s tone. Before writing your blurb, define your desired tone. Then review afterwards to see if you’ve hit your goal. 

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