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Blurbs Sell Books

Sep 2, 2021

Today on the show, BPF trainer and writer John Phythyon and copywriting guru Abigail Dunard tackle an author-submitted blurb to dissect it and understand how to write killer sales copy.

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Here are this episode’s read-along selections:

Blurb One:

Time Blink by MJ Mumford

Syd Brixton doesn’t want to know what happened to her missing twin…unless a dead man can change her mind.

When Syd Brixton was eleven years old, her identical twin Isla vanished from a park in broad daylight and was never found, splintering her family apart, leaving Syd permanently scarred by guilt.

Fast forward twenty years. Syd has a comfortable home, a satisfying job at The Merryport pub, and a stable, long-term relationship with Coop, a handsome firefighter who wants nothing more than to start a family.

Then it all comes crashing down.

On a blustery night outside the pub, Syd's favorite customer, Morley Scott, falls victim to a horrific accident. Moments before he dies, he gives Syd an extraordinary gift: the power to travel back in time. Back to when he was alive. Back to the day Isla vanished.

Will Morley be able to convince Syd to uncover the truth about her sister's disappearance? Or will Syd avoid that painful and dangerous truth at all costs to focus on saving Morley's life instead?

If she makes the wrong choice, she could lose everything...her home, her family. Her life.

All in the blink of an eye.

Blurb Two:

Our Once Warm Earth by Matthew Rasnake

A deadly storm.

A beacon of hope.

One peaceful night on the mountain may be humanity's last...


Restless Army-brat Mel wants nothing more than to settle down to a quiet suburban life. A week after their honeymoon, Mel and her new husband are camping on a northern California mountain with her adoptive father when a deadly storm rises over the mountain. A government signal promises protection from the growing global catastrophe that may yet bring the world to its end. Mel must choose whether to stay put and die together or to drag her family through the storm and across the mountain in search of safety.


With her dream shattered and her family torn apart, Mel lands with other broken, weary survivors under the Army's familiar heel. Can she hold on to hope and find the strength to inspire and free them all, or will she finally give into the darkness and let the Earth swallow her up?


Our Once Warm Earth is the first novella from a near-future sci-fi post-apocalypse series. If you like realistic settings; believable, relatable characters; a dash of science-futurism; and a rich vein of hopeful promise, you'll love this compelling story of one woman's fight to preserve her family and humanity itself.