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Blurbs Sell Books

Dec 16, 2021

Today on the show, BPF Editor-in-Chief and Blurb Whisperer Abigail Dunard are back at it with another deep dive into the scintillating sea of book descriptions!


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Here are this episode’s read-along selections:


Empire's End: Episode 1: The Senator's Daughter by JP Raymond

Haunted by his past. Hunted by aliens. Humanity’s last hope.
JaQuan Jones is just trying to make a living in space. But when an old friend smuggles a political prisoner aboard his ship, he finds himself caught in a conspiracy that may threaten the very existence of the human race. When Imperial warships arrive in pursuit of the kidnappers, the only choice is to flee.

Outgunned, outclassed, and on the run, JaQuan must unravel an insidious plot that has branded everyone aboard an intergalactic terrorist. The masterminds behind this vile scheme will do anything to stop him. If JaQuan can’t solve the mystery in time, all of humankind is doomed.

Empire’s End is a fast-paced, space-opera serial, featuring exciting starship battles, sinister political intrigue, and strange alien races. If you like Star WarsFirefly, and Babylon 5, you’ll love Empire’s End. Get “Episode 1: The Senator’s Daughter” today and join the fight for the future of humanity!

Note: Empire's End is a TV-style serial. There are thirteen 13-15k-word (i.e., short) episodes that weave together to make a longer work. This is Episode 1.