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Blurbs Sell Books

Mar 4, 2022

Today on the show, BPF Editor-in-Chief John Phythyon and Blurb Whisperer Abigail Dunard are back at it with another deep dive into the scintillating sea of book descriptions!

Here are this episode’s read-along selections:


Hopeless for You by Raquel Riley

Cyan was hired to tutor Griffin in the ways of love. He never expected to become the student. Will their lessons in love lead to the real thing?

Griffin Clark

A twenty-one year old virgin college freshman? Yep, that’s me. But I didn’t wait this long to just throw it away. I dream of the perfect romantic night, straight out of one of my favorite novels. So, I hired a professional to get the job done right. Cyan isn’t the playboy I expected, he’s—unexpected.

Cyan Morrison

I’ve been described as easygoing, charming, and a natural born flirt. It's for those reasons I’m one of Lucky Match’s most sought-after escorts. It’s also why Griffin Clark wants to gift wrap his V-card and present it to me on a silver platter. Everything about him throws me off-balance and inspires me to be a more authentic version of myself; a version I’m coming to love more than the playboy facade most people see. The trick is to make him want to stick around, but he seems to only want one thing from me; love lessons.

Class is now in session…