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Blurbs Sell Books

Feb 20, 2020

Today on the show, author Jim Heskett and copywriting guru Abigail Dunard tackle an author-submitted blurb to dissect it and understand how to write great sales copy. Here are this episode’s read-along selections:


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Author: Joann Keder

Title: The Something That Happened in Pepperville (Pepperville Stories Book 1)


Pepperville is a quaint, sleepy town where nothing ever seems to change... but that's probably because no one ever leaves. In fact, an outsider would probably think that everyone in Pepperville is just a little bit eccentric--from the policeman on his bicycle to the postal worker who will only deliver mail at night. Jenna Thompson has lived all of her 19 years in a cottage behind the Ashton Mansion. Like everyone else in Pepperville, Jenna's entire day is predictable--from what she will buy at the store to the footwear she will use to walk there. Then one day during a routine trip to the Shoppe & Walke, Jenna is horrified to discover that a vagrant has taken up residence in the biggest tree in town. No one knows why he is there, but the citizens of Pepperville do their best to make the glum young man as comfortable and welcome as possible. Everyone, that is, except for Jenna, who is determined to rid her town of this strange and silent squatter. Little does she know that her schemes will change the face of Pepperville forever.


--Abigail's Targeted Tip:

Does your worldbuilding tie in with and advance the plot? Create a list of your story’s cool genre-specific worldbuilding elements. Put that to the side. Create a first draft of your blurb focusing solely on plot. Then sprinkle in your worldbuilding elements. 

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