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Blurbs Sell Books

Feb 27, 2020

Today on the show, Jim and Abigail tackle writing a spec blurb for the movie THE MATRIX for our episode FIFTY spectacular! Here are two versions for us to critique:


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--Jim’s version:

Have you ever had a dream that felt real? How could you tell the difference between the dream world and the real one?


Welcome to the real world. A software program is coming to kill you.


Thomas Anderson may be a monkey-suited corporate grunt by day, but by night he’s the sim-dealing hacker Neo. A chance encounter with another computer outlaw in a dingy metal bar puts him on the path to the ultimate question: What is The Matrix? 


And when shadowy “government” agents come to arrest him at his office building, Neo has run out of places to hide.


Trapped in an interrogation room, Neo resists the agents’ demands he aid their hunt for the man who holds the Matrix’s secrets, Morpheus. After he’s finally able to strike out on his own, Neo vows to track down this mysterious and powerful figure himself. But when they meet, Morpheus has no answers, only a hard truth: everything you thought you believed is a lie. 


Even the world around you is all a part of... the Matrix.


Fans of Ready Player One will feel right at home with The Matrix, the first action-packed book in the (progressively-less-good) Matrix Trilogy. If you like virtual worlds, mind-blowing twists, and thought-provoking explorations of artificial intelligence, you’ll love the Wachowskis’ science fiction action thriller.


Buy The Matrix to rage against the machine today!


--Abigail’s version:


Is he a glitch in the system or the savior of humanity? 


Hacker-for-hire Neo is a firm believer in bending the rules. So when a mysterious, pleather-clad woman recruits him for an illicit secret mission, he takes the plunge. To his horror, his simulated reality falls away to reveal a hellscape where brainwashed humans suffer under A.I. overlords. 


Training with a ragtag crew of rebels, Neo pushes his mind and body beyond the laws of nature. But it will take more than supersonic speed and heavy artillery to take down the code-driven agents that hunt within the Matrix. 


Can Neo twist the programmed prison to his will or is mankind doomed to eternal enslavement? 


The Matrix is the first movie in an electrifying series of sci-fi action films. If you like stylized fight scenes, dystopian futurescapes, and daring underdogs, then you’ll love the Wachowski siblings’ high-tech thrill ride. 


Buy The Matrix to join the cyberspace rebellion today!


--Abigail's Homework:

Find a writing buddy. Trade and critique each other’s blurbs. Incorporate feedback into your revisions. 


Want to submit your own blurb for consideration? Fill out the form at or send an email to