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Blurbs Sell Books

Nov 19, 2020

Today on the show, author Jim Heskett and copywriting guru Abigail Dunard tackle an author-submitted blurb to dissect it and understand how to write killer sales copy. 

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Here are this episode’s read-along selections:


Author: J.D.L. Rosell

Title: A Throne of Ice and Ash


From the author of the Amazon bestselling Legend of Tal series!


In the deadly storms of winter, leaders and warriors are forged... Can the Jarl’s heirs become who they must to protect their throne and city?


Oakharrow, the City of Iron, has long stood strong against its enemies — but its foundations are crumbling.


When tragedy strikes, Bjorn and Aelthena, son and daughter to the Jarl, rise to their inheritance. But their adversaries seek the throne for themselves.


Bjorn, a cowardly student of myth and law, is forced into a throne he never wanted. Now he must decide between two bad choices: rule Oakharrow, or pursue vengeance for his family.


Aelthena is eager to prove herself a worthy leader. But wresting power for her own will challenge more than her skills and conscience. The city stirs in unrest from both without and within, and even her allies question her right to command.


Yet more than Oakharrow’s fate hangs in the balance. Ancient foes emerge from the shadows to conquer all of humanity — and they will stop at nothing to succeed.


The Runewar is rising — and it begins with the fall of a throne.


Game of Thrones meets Blood Song in The Throne of Ice and Ash, a Nordic-inspired, coming of age and military fantasy tale. If you like epic fantasy brimming with political intrigue, vast sojourns, and grand-scale wars, you'll love the immersive world of The Runewar Saga!


Read Book 1 of this brand-new series today!




--Abigail's Targeted Tip:

How does your main character plan to defeat the bad guys? Your blurb should provide some clue as to what this plan looks like. 



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